Welcome to the Cricket Brasil website. We are the governing organization for the game ofcricket in Brasil. We are an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and amember of Cricket South America (CSA).

A brief history of cricket in Brazil

Cricket in Brazil began in the mid-1800s in Rio de Janeiro, during a period when a portion of the city’s population was British or of British descent. By the early 1860s, a number of cricket clubs were in operation, including the British CC, Artisan Amateurs CC, Rio British CC, Anglo-Brazilian CC and the British and American Club, although its playing facilities were limited to makeshift open spaces. Rio’s Brazilian residents at the time had little or no interest in sport of any…

International competition

Matches between Brazil and Argentina began in 1888, while Rio Cricket began a series of matches with Club Atlético River Plate from Montevideo,Uruguay in 1902. The old Brazil Cricket Association continued to stage matches with Argentina for many years, with Charles Miller playing for theBrazil team until the 1920s. Brazil also hosted the New Zealand XI in the… 

Women’s cricket

Since the success of the University of Brasília PE cricket course, women’s cricket has grown steadily in Brasilia. In 2007, there was a three-match series in Curitiba against…

Domestic men’s competition

The Brazil national league is made up of five state teams, which compete for the T20 Cup. The teams from Distrito Federal, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo meet twice a year. The first round in the first half of each year is held in either Brasília, Curitiba or…

Development program

Several development programs have been established in recent years in São Paulo, Curtiba, Brasília and most recently in Poços de Caldas, which is proving to be the most successful.

In Brasília, a big breakthrough came when….

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